PCC "StroyServis" LLC for ten years engaged in manufacturing, processing, and transportation of forest products, including wood products.

In a short time, the company has taken a leading position in this field. To join is important as the quality and orderly transportation of finished products. Professional workers organizing in transport especially considering transported goods, the goods are delivered to the partners on time and in good condition.

The organization cooperates with an experienced firm freight  DolAn Logistic SRL. Which has its own transportation - cargo fleet, which enables the delivery of service products anywhere in the world at the appointed time.

Curing finished product

To organize the first place is the quality of products at all production phases. With a view to keeping production company built a modern warehouse, giving special attention to the conditions of its storage. Storage - dry room with an area of ​about 10,000 square meters, equipped with the latest technology. storage conditions can withstand any amount of the finished product in ideal conditions for further distribution companions organization.

Weight of goods on pallets

Calculations show that transportation costs can be significantly reduced by the greatest immersion pallets. It is important to take into account the specificity of the product. Be sure to choose the appropriate weight of cargo pallets, as of - of the severity, a pressure on the trade from the bottom ranks, especially during prolonged transportation may be damaged products and packaging, which will lead to damage of the commodity form of the product.

When transporting the finished product should be calculated on the total weight of the pallets. This ensures the safety of the load. The company produces pallets with a total weight not exceeding 1000 kg, as when lifting cargo at a top tier​ of racks raises the riskiness of desktop storage and technology.

In the case where a product pallet weighs a thousand kilograms, it is separated into individual kits (if possible), do not exceed the permitted weight.


Pallets company meet European standards

  • The size of the pallet - 120 x 80 centimeters.
  • The thickness of the boards - twenty millimeters.
  • The span between the boards no more than eight centimeters.
  • The size of the brackets - 10x10x10 (center 14.5h14.5h10) centimeters.
  • Staples made of wood or, according to European standards, of compacted veneer.

When picking trucks masses, the company is given a place of their imposition and precise attachment to pallets. When consignments with more weight, use the required amount of stretching the plastic film, with a view to checks of cargo mass during transportation, loading and unloading operations.

The required cargo information​

All packaged goods are placed under the film documents the name of the product and the indication of the manufacturing organization. This much reduces the time of the consignment, it helps prevent errors in the data reduction.

Attached to the load paper


  1. The invoice for the goods;
  2. Commodity - transport invoice;
  3. Invoice - the invoice;
  4. Veterinary - accompanying certificate;
  5. Veterinary certificate of conformity;
  6. Certification of product quality.

Terms of conveying

An organization working for a long time in their own market is convinced that compliance with the terms of conveying the finished product - the main indicator of cargo - transportation business. Today it is more than urgent because the dimensions of the implementation process and the organization of treatment products increase year by year.

An organization may encounter a problem if the delivery is delayed for more than thirty minutes. Then the customer has the right to terminate the contract or to receive the goods at a convenient time of the day. Acceptable considered late cargo associated only with bad weather in the winter season, but no distance or bad roads.

  • A reliable partner in international logistics and customs clearance.
  • Russian Customs Broker.
  • 3PL logistics operator.
  • Cost optimization of foreign economic activity participants.
  • Daily work in the interests of the Client.
  • A fair and transparent pricing.
  • The responsibility for the risks.
  • The team of highly qualified professionals in the state.
  • Offer effective model of logistics to the price factor priority.
  • Reliable protection of your interests and quality of service.