Microwave Vacuum drying chamber
magnetron 915

The main effect of working with wood is dried using only resources. If you do not use a drying chamber may experience the following problems:

  • The cracking products;
  • Swelling (if excessive drying);
  • Other deformation.

Drying chambers are divided into several types:

  • Convective drying chamber;
  • Microwave vacuum drying chamber;
  • Infrared drying chambers;
  • Thermodynamic drying chambers;
  • Vacuum drying chambers cold drying;
  • High-temperature vacuum drying ovens baking.

When using industrial dryers one of these types, many purposes are achieved:

  • Full;
  • Uniform;
  • Without excessive drying;
  • inexpensive;
  • Rapid drying.

​​On what do the drying chamber for a short time, our grandfathers would have spent a lot of years. This machine - the best option for drying wood.

Generators of high-temperature heating elements
Combined vacuum thermal drying chamber


Combined vacuum thermal drying chamber