Amazing deciduous tree, one of the most affordable, has a unique color from golden-brown to reddish-brown in color with exotic, black or brown veins. Tigerwood surprisingly resistant to rot, decay, and insects. It stands on the third place on sales. The service life of the flooring planks of wood for more than 30 years.


The best of the terrace board in the world is certainly IPE wood. Working directly, representatives of our company select the best trees to provide our dear customers a very high-quality board, at an affordable price. Our client always confident in the quality of each of the selected board. We carefully monitor the quality of the material being processed and personally choose ipe trees. IPE decking is the best in the world.


 By the splendor of gold decking, Garapa naturally belongs. One of the best and most affordable hardwood, which has a fine-grained wood, from light yellow to the golden hue. Garapa is an exotic hardwood with a natural resistance to rot, decay, and insects. Garapa is resistant to scratches, the LRA allows the flooring surface remains smooth for many years, making it a priority for the external use.


Lifetime poured more than 30 years.

It has a high density of 840 kg / m³, specific gravity 800 kg / m³; Class "A" fire resistance.

 Merbau - a dark, reddish-brown interspersed with golden streaks, has a high content of oily substances and natural antiseptic. This species has a high moisture resistance and durability, hardly undergoes deformation, rot, and mildew, hardness, and density is twice oak.


 Massaranduba (pronounced Ma-Sa-Ran-du-ba) a deciduous tree native to South America. He is one of the most beautiful and hardwood available in the world. The surprising fact that this deciduous tree is very strong on a bend. Amazing strength showed that the flooring is made of this material, twice as strong as the flooring of IPE and California redwood. Although despite the fact that these technical specifications are very impressive. But the real driving force behind the popularity is its beautiful red velvet. Many customers, seeing we have such a beautiful rich red appearance Massaranduba, switched completely to this type of tree.


Cumaru or Brazilian Teak is by nature a unique appearance and a complex pattern of fibers. No matter what, Cumaru is very resistant to moisture, fungal bloom, rot, decay, and insects.


Cumaru is the second in the number of sold wood for flooring. Extensively used in mansions, five-star hotels, and large commercial centers. Cumaru has a 50-year service life.


Decking board designed for use as finishing for outdoors and exposed to the aggressive action of natural phenomena (UV, temperature differences, moisture) and mechanical load. Therefore, the main characteristic is its resistance to rotting and deformation processes and decorative. To make the material qualities of the board is carefully machined and calibration, followed by treatment composition that adds protection functions (antiseptic polymer compositions, wax impregnation, oil emulsion). In modern production using composite technology, heat-treated wood.

Decking blanketed, if needed wooden deck outside, ie outdoors. To this timber meets all the requirements of the conditions of its installation, you must ensure that the following qualities:


  • Resistance to heat and frost (for our climate, it pays great attention to quality, because to save the tree for many years, it is necessary to make sure that it is resistant to extreme temperatures);
  • Moisture resistance and reduces the sliding surface (this is especially important when Coanda near the water surface).


All these requirements are met in the production of boards for terraces, which is why they have no competitors that meet the requirements of the same street. There are many types of timber, but the main difference is the difference between the surface type (anti-slip corrugated and smooth).