SVCHVD 100 EU — This is a highly compact, reliable and powerful microwave Vacuum chamber for drying lumber of any species and sizes. Small dimensions, a powerful supply of microwave energy and excellent specific power of vacuum guarantee high productivity when working with wood of both soft and hard rocks. Precise automatic control increases the efficiency of the chamber.

Sturdy construction SVCHVD 100 EU, with automatic loading of the carriage and powerful power supply of ultra-high frequencies (915 Hz) provide high performance and long service life. Thanks to ControlSystems produces high-precision measurements before and after drying the sawn timber. Work on the development of the drying chamber was carried out in cooperation with customers and was focused on simplicity in management and maintenance.

Drying chamber with a short cycle of operation, devoid of many drawbacks of convective and vacuum technology. It is designed for dehydration of sawn timber of any kind. In the design of the chamber consists of a body of cylindrical shape with built-in waveguides to supply the microwave energy generated by the microwave generator. The use of microwave energy for wood dewatering is very promising for today, since microwave wave energy causes rapid heating inside the tree, accompanied by an excessive growth of internal vapor pressure. This technology is capable of removing water from the capillary system and the fibers of the tree.

Vendor code SVCHVD 100 EU
Loading capacity (Max.) 20.0 m3
Loading capacity (Min.) 5.0 m3
Microwave generator power 100 kW
Drying control system (optional) ControlSystems
Magnetron CK-619
Conveyor capacity 400 m3
Energy consumption per hour 75 kW
Generator size, mm 1200 х 1200 х 2100
Stack size, mm 8000 х 1800 х 1500
Internal chamber size, mm 8600 х Ø 2400
Chamber size, mm 9000 х 2400 х 2600
Drying time (pine) to 5% humidity 20 h
Power vacuum pump 1,2 kW
Max pressure - 0,9 MPa
Manufacturer PCC Wood SawMill



















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Drying chamber for sawn timber SVCHVD 100-EU