Magnetron high power generator type

Magnetron represents a high microwave power generator in which the energy of the electron clouds surrounding a powerful radio frequency electromagnetic oscillations associated. The magnetron is a member the span of pipes and klystron and a traveling wave tube. A magnetron is basically a cylindrical diode with a high hot cathode as an inner cylinder, which operates in an axial magnetic field. The hot cathode emits at applying the anode and filament voltage electrons. The emitted electrons pass through the magnetic field and are deflected here tracks down tricycles. However, against the cathode positively biased anode is not smooth, but designed as a delay line, which oscillates in Π mode. The close of the relatively negative delay line prongs running with consequently lower speed electrons gets in the magnetic field lower path curvature so that this part of wrong phase electrons is sorted out by reaching the "negative" anode segments and there increase the negative charge, so the attenuation losses of delay line over-compensate. The fanned vibrations can be coupled to any compartment of the delay line by a loop.

The company offers design and manufacture of customized turnkey microwave generators of low power consumption and high standard ISM frequencies. Our technical staff will assist you in setting up a new system or be upgrading an existing on your requirements.


AICWM-30 - high powered magnetron. Microwave source, specially designed and manufactured for 30 kW industrial heating equipment. It has an operating frequency of 915 MHz (optional produced 896, 922 and 929 MHz ). 


AICWM-30 magnetron is widely used in microwave vacuum drying chambers, while the repair of roads, production processing, and water treatment. It has a high efficiency (88%), long life, easy to use, etc.

Frequency 896, 915, 922, 929 MHz Frequency
915 MHz
Power 30 kW Power in a continuous mode 30 kW
Anode voltage 14 kV Anode voltage 13-14 kV
Anode current 2.7 A Anode current 2.5-2.75 A
Coefficient of efficiency 85+% Coefficient of efficiency
Voltage 12.6 V Voltage 12.6 VAC
Current 115 А Current (standby) 115 A
Maximum water pressure at input 100 psi Current (operating) 99 A
Maximum load VSWR 1.5:1 Электромагнитный ток 3.5 A
Maximum water temperature at outlet 70 °C Maximum load VSWR 1.2:1
Maximum distribution at anode 25 kW Water consumption 3 l / min.
Mounting position any Air stream at cathode 5 cfm
Connecting clemm See circuit Air stream at housing 40 cfm
Diameter  4.94 mm Cooling at temperatures 15 °C
Length 18.55 mm  


6.9 kg