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Loading volume wood (Max) 353 ft³
Loading volume wood (Min) 176 ft³
Power of microwave generators 75 kW
Electricity consumption (avg.) 50 kWh
Productivity monthly 8475 ft³
Drying time (pine) moisture content 10% 24 hours
Drying time (larch) moisture content 10% 36 hours
Drying time (oak) moisture content 10% 48 hours
External chambers size, mm 2200✕2400✕7300
Inner chambers size, mm Ø2200✕6800
Generator of size, mm 600✕1200✕2100
Power of vacuum pump 12 kW
Pressure (Max) − 0,9 MPa


 Japan - Homeland Brand 

 Japan - Country manufacturer



  • Fast drying cycle;
  • Automatic feeder;
  • Large capacity;
  • Automated systems with touch screen control panel;
  • Uniform heating;
  • No sparking or bending problem;
  • Suitable for drying logs, beams and boards, hard and softwoods;
  • Automatic feeding system;
  • Full drying wood is 5-8%;
  • Shrinkage is 3-5%;
  • You can purchase a lease for a period of 12 to 36 months.


Highly-ergonomic drying chamber, the last modification MGHPG-0060-LX (Series HED-X 4) this compact and reliable, microwave vacuum chamber drying of wood. With the superior performance and stability of in operation. Ensures uniform pressing of on timber, six contours hydraulics. Superb distribution and effective output, provide perfect quality dry timber at the exit. Stability when working, how softwood so and hardwood. Automatic feed lumber to a chamber, high precision electronic control, ensures a uniform direction and distribution of waves, and moreover limit the speed of dewatering of wood by specified parameters. Controllable feed waves reduce damage and peak overloads at a pressure, that enhances effectiveness work chambers. Especially demonstrated myself setting in manufacturing wood wall products, prepared for a wooden building house. Device chamber consist from a cylinder corps with integrated waveguides, for supplying of energy ultra-high frequency, generated by generator magnetron and condensate discharge by means of vacuum compressor. The device makes it possible to improve a quality outgoing product and production process, reducing short indicators.














Description of work:

Application of microwave for wood dehydration is very promising. Microwave wave energy is causing rapid heating of the inside of the timber, accompanied by the excessive growth of domestic steam pressure. There is a simultaneous diffusion of vapor molecules and motion by capillary, and pores of the wood. The process of removing moisture depends on the structure of timber and internal pressure. In the case of vacuum, the boiling point is directly related to the pressure value. This arrangement ensures removal of substantially all moisture (about 90 percent) in the liquid form, then reduces quantity required on energies drying.

Device working as follows:

Vacuum - microwave drying chamber works independently. The electronic control system is accompanied by a full drying cycle. Starting with automatic feed carriage timber to the chamber, measuring initial moisture, the drying time of calculation, management of exposure to microwave energy and vacuum control in the chamber. The first stage of the electronics delivers microwave energy field on timber. Allocated by heating liquid condensate is expelled by drain connection. When the moisture content reaches thirty percent state electronics launches the 2nd stage of the process, which is performed at the compressor that creates the vacuum. As a result, an integrated vacuum and microwave exposure tree is dehydrated to the desired level, char without risk.




Commissioning works the equipment supplied are manufactured in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Implementation of commissioning works in accordance with the technological process. Letting Equipment Operation.

Training. Our experts make technical staff training in the squares customer.

Warranty. 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. Given that conservation commodity species. In the case of the camera, return delivery charges are borne by the Buyer. In a case of a return, the entire amount spent on the purchase of the equipment is transferred to the account of the Purchaser. Guarantee 36 months, in accordance with the terms of the contract the supply of equipment.

Service maintenance. Our engineer's ar gone out in place of the equipment, diagnosing problems, constitute a defective statement and a list of necessary spare parts. After delivery of all components is carried out repairs of equipment, the provision of guarantees for the work performed.