Drying chamber for sawn timber HFVD80-SA

 China — Homeland Brand

 China — Country manufacturer


  • Short drying cycle;
  • Device with automatic tree feed;
  • Large capacity of the camera;
  • Automated control system with touch screen;
  • Uniform heating of the chamber;
  • Completely no bending of the tree;
  • Protection from fire;
  • Suitable for veneer, boards, and softwoods.


Technology high-frequency vacuum drying chamber, many times faster traditional drying. The range is from several hours to several days when drying thick and hardwoods.

The HFVD80-SA has a quick and automated drying cycle. High-frequency generator at 50kw. A hydraulic press with a potential of 6 tons per 8 m3. We apply as a rule, at the enterprises of floor coverings or manufacturing of furniture. Which are used for thick and hardwood species.

All models are made in high-tech style - I have high potential, logical and programmable controller. Programmed for standard parameters: hardwood is supplied. Automation, hydraulic pump, starting system for the drying process, generator HF, vacuum pump and water outlet.

Control the water system at the beginning of the cycle and at the end. Automatic calculation of changes in the system and moisture content in the form of wood. Automatic control. The device with a touch control, control the high-frequency generator and vacuum pump during drying, water outlet from wood. Automatic discharge of water into the collection tank. Calculation of the data of the change in the weight of wood and the moisture content. There are additional drying programs for some hardwoods.



Effective volume of loading, m3 8
RF power generator (input), kVA 70
RF power generator (output), kW 50
Conveyor capacity, m3 / hour 0,33
Energy costs for drying, kWh 80
Generator size, mm 1250 * 1200 * 2050
Chamber size, mm 9300 * 2150 * 2100
Cooling size, mm 1500 * 1150 * 2100
Stack size, mm 8000 * 1500 * 1000
Internal chamber size, mm 8000 х ø2000
Control of moisture  by weighing 
Gross weight, tons 8



For heating, a high-frequency electric field is used as the main power source, which is evenly distributed throughout the perimeter of the tree. The water content during heating does not affect the electric field. In a vacuum, the boiling point of water decreases, in accordance with this, the drying time can reach a short time.

  • The opportunity of the engineer's departure to provide supervision and training. The relevant training of personnel and other recommendations.
  • Maintenance.
  • Guarantee the safety of camera use and operation.
  • Possibility of going to buy a lease (12%) for a period of 12 to 36 months

Effort on each hydraulic clamp, t 2
Quantity Hydraulic clamps, pcs 6
Capacity vacuum pump, kW 7.5
Frequency, MHz 6,78
Max pressure, MPa -0,9
Control system Automatic
Loading / unloading trolley Automatic
Inside plating stainless steel, mm  1
Housing material carbon steel, mm 12