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A microwave generator with a continuous wave is a fully autonomous microwave source used for industrial heating processes. Designed for reliable and stable operation. Built in accordance with a high standard of quality. Continuous output power ranges from 5 to 72 kW and is controlled by changing the magnetic field around the magnetron with an electromagnet.

This provides continuous and continuous control of output power manually or automatically from the front of the touch screen. The built-in automatic restart function (ARF) avoids the complete shutdown of the generator during the process, with the accidental deactivation of the magnetron (the signal is fed through the modem).

The reflected power is measured by means of an insulator. The PLC controls both the magnetron anode power, the electromagnet current and the heating voltage. The result is a very low power setting (5 kW), maximum efficiency, reduced ripple and extended magnetron lifetime.


  • Programmable to work with maximum efficiency
  • Record and store operating parameters
  • Determination of the photoelectric arc to protect the magnetron and waveguides
  • A circulator with a water load designed to protect the magnetron during high reflected periods of power
  • The main components are cooled by water
  • On screen diagnostics, help window and emergency messages to help with troubleshooting
  • Designed for easy inspection, installation, and maintenance



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Type (System):
    GLP720KSM - 56T400AP3IR
    Stainless steel cabinet includes 3 off x switch mode HV power supplies (η > 93) and isolator mounted externally.
    Electromagnet’s supply consists of a switch mode system with current regulation. Filament supply enables soft start, voltage regulation and anti-moding function.
    915 MHz ± 10 MHz
    896 MHz ± 10 MHz (to be specified)
    Central frequency is imposed by the magnetron
Output power
    Adjustable from 5 to 68 kW
Power stability, ripple
    1 % between 5 kW and 68 kW,
    ± 2 % at full output power
Rise & fall times
    10 ms in standard KSM version
HMI Display
    Colour touch screen control, all controls & functions accessible, PRO-FACE PLC, fault history... Local or full remote.
Operating mode
    Continuous wave (CW), ramp, timer, ARF system (Automatic Restart Function)
Maximum SWR
    integrated isolator, 34 kW RP (reflected power) any phase by forward power limitation or stop by fault (to be chosen from menu)
Remote control
    Analog or Ethernet Modbus – to be chosen on ordering. Option Profibus, Canopen….)
Safety interlock
    Safety relay, emergency stop...
    380 to 415 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3 phases + earth
    ~ 70 kVA at full power
Microwave output
    WR975, flange CPR 975
    ~ 570 kg
Water cooling
    60 L/min (4 bar ) differential pressure (for max. 34 kW RP dissipated heat),
    Water temperature (18 °C to 25 °C) monitored
    Each water flow circuit monitored
    Max. pressure 6 bars.
Air Ambiant
    5 to 45 °C, humidity

Microwave generator 72 kW,

with water cooled and continuous mode