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Magnetron high power generator type, which is widely used in microwave heating system. Its main characteristic is high power, high efficiency, low operating voltage, small size, and low cost, etc. Magnetron may be classified as a continuous wave magnetron. These magnetos are used primarily for microwave heating in industrial, agriculture, mining. Unlike pulse magnetron used for precision measurement of radar, onboard radar and other linear accelerators. 


The company offers design and manufacture of customized turnkey microwave generators of low power consumption and high standard ISM frequencies. Our technical staff will assist you in setting up a new system or upgrade an existing on your requirements. 


AiCWM-75-L - high-power magnetron. Microwave source, specially designed and constructed for 75 kW of industrial heating equipment. It has an operating frequency of 915 MHz (optionally made 896, 922 and 929 MHz). 


AiCWM-75-L magnetron is widely used in microwave vacuum drying chambers for the repair of roads, extraction, processing and water treatment. It has a high efficiency (88%), long life, easy to use, etc.

Frequency 896, 915, 922, 929 MHz Frequency
915 MHz
Power 75 kW Power in a continuous mode 75 kW
Anode voltage 19 kV Anode voltage 18 kV
Anode current 6.0 A Anode current 4.75 A
Coefficient of efficiency 85+% Coefficient of efficiency
Voltage 12.6 V Voltage 12.6 VAC
Current 115 А Current (standby) 115 A
Maximum water pressure at input 100 psi Current (operating) 80 A
Maximum load VSWR 1.5:1 Solenoid current 4.0 A
Maximum water temperature at outlet 70 °C Maximum load VSWR 1.2:1
Maximum distribution at anode 25 kW Water consumption 5 l / min.
Mounting position any Air stream at cathode 5 cfm
Connecting clemm See circuit Air stream at housing 40 cfm
Diameter 4.94 in Cooling at temperatures 15 °C
Length 18.55 in


6.9 kg