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the drying chamber

Despite on enormous quantity of new technologies and materials in construction, edged boards still remain the most widespread construction material. Sector of application is huge: from the decorative plating before the erection of load-bearing walls. Differences specific boards consist only in the form of wood and size. The width of boards varies within the limits of 0,7 to 10 in and the length boards usually, It is from 78 to 250 ft. Under the standard on the edge board not supposed be present any twigs or other defects. For each constructing, optimal is the various types of wood, it all depends on the requirements and conditions. For example, in the sauna should not be installed conifers allocating a resin or breeds, with slight thermal insulation.  For each occurrence, its own characteristics, therefore need to choose correctly.

Round logs have a number of advantages in comparison with other types of sawn timber for construction. Make a log from the unprocessed logs by milling it on a machine. After installation, it is necessary to treat the structure with a special antiseptic.

More complicated in the manufacture and best on quality timbers is a profiled. He represents beams, on the two sides which are cut the grooves for joining them to each other, only other parties constantly polished to the smooth, or if you wish possible rounding is sides. There is a huge choice sectional of timber dimensions, for all needs - from the construction of terrace, prior to the erection of houses.

Lumber and wood industry

Our wood production is the transformation of saw log into different kinds of wood products. Softwood lumber produced from softwood, are the main products of most manufacturers in these industries. The rest sawed hardwood (birch, linden, aspen, poplar, and oak) growing in the southern part of Russia. While not technically a hardwood, Alberta produces large amounts of aspen and poplar.


In Russia, the main coniferous wood is spruce, pine, fir, larch, and cedar, while the predominant species of hardwood is birch, aspen, poplar, linden, ash, and oak.

Most of the lumber produced in Russia is exported; less than 40 percent is consumed domestically. The largest buyer of Russian lumber is the Asian countries and the Middle East.

The overall process

Mechanical or hydraulic debarking is the first step in the transformation of logs into lumber. In the conventional sawmill, large logs placed on mechanical carts and passed several times through a group of the band or circular saws. When processing small-diameter logs, use the machine with the integrated sawing unit, or a system of multiple bands or circular saws, designed to work at speeds up to 100 m per minute. Around three-quarters of all sawn boards produced in Russia is treated with four sides making the cut timber.

More than half of lumber or dried in a kiln chamber to remove excess moisture and to kill pathogenic microorganisms that may be present in the wood.


  • Production rounded logs and the profiled beams of dry wood, hardwood, and softwood.
  • Production and sales lumber of all types and sizes. Edged boards and not an edging board, edged beams and another timber.
  • Production and building set prefabricated houses of dry timber or logs from using a wood, microwave drying chamber.
  • Sale how the finished property, so and land plots under an individual building.
  • Sale and rent commercial real estate.
  • Production of individual projects construction houses and structures.
the drying chamber
the drying chamber